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The Mission


One of my goals as a young Asian-American woman working in the business world is to spread the joy of slime. Whether it's for relaxation, playtime, creative expression, or anxiety-ease. Another of my goals is to carry a portrayal to those similar to my background as a Chinese American Woman. I want to inspire others to pursue their goals regardless of obstacles. I pride myself in being independent, self-motivated, and confident in my abilities. My passion has shown me that I thrive when given creative freedom and my shop helped express my imagination. I want to motivate/ inspire others to be driven and determined in their pursuit of their passions.


How it started


All through my life I've struggled with anxiety and stress. Since 2016, I have resorted to ASMR and Slime as stress relievers. I was hooked on slime because it was different from other products. From the various textures, fragrances, and add-ins it gave me the artistic freedom to create anything I desired. During a difficult time in 2020, I chose to focus on myself and seek after something that I cherished. My mom influenced me to follow my dreams during the lockdown and she funded me $500 to start up my company. This presented the ideal opportunity for me to start an Ecommerce business that would offer a creative and therapeutic sensory toy to many. I knew nothing about owning a business or creating online shops and I was totally lost in the beginning. As I was doing my research, I started to post content online. Tik Tok has been a huge boost, allowing me to post content that people enjoy. I started growing a following and here we are now! Still growing to this day!


The Founder


Hi everyone, I’m Charlotte! I’m from Staten Island, New York and I’m the founder and creative mind behind Tropical Slimes. I run all operations from creating all products, filming, editing, packaging and managing all social media platforms. I recently just graduated highschool and became a full time college student studying entrepreneurship. I’m so grateful that I have this business that gives me endless opportunities to be creative, learn about the business world, and something to be proud of at the end of the day! 

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