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Custom Labels

Hi there! All of the product labels “Tropical Slimes” have been created by me! I'm in love with art and graphic design and If you are intrested I would love to create custom labels/ art for you! Whether your packaging, product labels, business cards, etc...


We offer:

  • Custom art can be sent Digitally

  • We can create and print you custom label stickers: we can do any Shape and Size but the price will vary. We will ship them to you!

  • We offer bulk discounts

The Process


1. Place order by filling out the corresponding questions down below

Size of labels, shape, colors, and description of what you want on the label and you can send insporation pictures and ideas of what you want on it!

2. I'll send you the pricing whether if your print out or digital, price varies based on how many labels, how many designs, and the size of labels


3. 5-8 business days to create your label and I'll send a watermark to be approved, if you would like to add changes you get 2 revisions and I'll send you all options for you to pick your favorite.  


4. If you want it digitally i will send it over without the watermark


5. If you would like us to print you out sheets it will take … business days to finalize and ship out to you!

Thanks for submitting!

Pricing Example

Generic rectangle labels on all my products (1.5in x 3.5in) 


  • 36 labels = $30 per design 

  • 24 labels = $20 per design 

  • 12 labels = $15 per design 

  • 6 labels = $10 per design 

  • Digital = $15 per design

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