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This texture is a classic. It's a thick, holdable texture with an amazing shiny gloss. It makes incredible pops and big bubbles. It's also amazing for poking and ASMR.

Level: Beginners

This texture is creamy, smooth, holdable & squishable. This slime fluffs up and creates amazing soft sizzles. It's loved by adults as it's not as sticky as some other textures. 

Level: Beginners

This texture has many subcategories such as bingsu beads, floam beads, slushee beads, fishbowl beads and more. They create an amazing crunchy sound.

Level: Beginners - Experts

This texture is a stretchy & transparent look w/ amazing bubble pops & is always made w/ clear glue. It can also be made in different colors including metallics. It does melt quicker than other slimes. 

Level: Experts

This texture is popular for its sizzles and moisturizing texture. It's a bit moist due to the instant snow in it. As you play, it will inflate and the color becomes more opaque as it gets more usage. 

Level: Beginners - Experts

This texture is made with a clear slime base and a tiny bit of instant snow. It's thick, not to sticky, and perfect for bubble pops. With the different colors, It looks like you're playing with JellO.

Level: Beginners - Experts

This texture is very popular. It's fluffy and light. It falls and creates an amazing drizzle. It's not as sticky as some other textures. Cloud and Cloud Creme are like cousins.

Level: Beginners - Experts

This texture is also a very popular one. It's soft and fluffy. It feels like squeezing a pillow and has an amazing soft sizzle sound to it. Cloud Creme is also a Cloud Slime with clay added to it. 

Level: Beginners - Experts

This texture is very crunchy and squeezable. It's super inflatable, airy, and creates and amazing crunchy/ sizzle sounds. This slime is great for ASMR and to try out a different texture/ feel.

Level: Intermediate


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